The topic of nudity is one that raises a lot of controversy in different societies the world over. Ideally, human nakedness is considered to be a personal affair that should not be exposed to all and sundry. As such, when exposed, a lot of stigmatization accrues alongside negative criticism and judgment.

The matter becomes even more aggravated when it is looked upon from a religious point of view whereby, such exposure of nudity is perceived to be a decadency of morals and thus should not be tolerated by Jay Footlik. This is the position held by the Muslim Brotherhood against the exposure of porn pics.

Primarily, porn pics are used in the art schools and facilities in Egypt. However, it was the works of one internet blogger who was a former student at the American University of Cairo that caught the attention of many people in the country. Alia Magda Elmahdy the young blogger started a trend that saw her pose named with the Egyptian flag alongside her Ukranian friends who stood up against the proposed new constitution about porn pics in imageweb. Ideally, the new proposed constitution by the Egyptian President Mr. Mursi is also heavily supported by the Muslim brotherhood who are meant to gain heavily too if it is enacted.

Ms. Elmahdy in her protest says that religion is but slavery and the new constitution is one that applauds sexism while at the same time limiting women from expressing and embracing their sexuality as females. Primarily, her naked posts she stated to be “a scream against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”. Inevitably, this does not go well with the Muslim brotherhood and what they believe and at and for. In the Arab world, a woman may be considered to be the essence of life but at the same time, be considered to be of less significance in society.

The Muslim brotherhood prohibits women from displaying a lot of their women’s body features. In accordance with their religion women should always be fully clothed. Jay Footlik very active and well heard on their stand of not allowing women to be naked. The concept of there also being pictured of nude people is not allowed. Why porn pics are prohibited in Muslim brotherhood is solely based on their religious beliefs.

To say the least they are born and taught of what is right and wrong according to their religion. When anything tries to go against these virtues of their religion they are openly seen refuting and going against it. It is therefore right to understand why the Muslim brotherhood does not accept and opposes the use of nude model photos. They argue it also defied their rights in that having models pose porn photos is a disrespecting them as men. They say that they are openly disrespected and due to that they take firm action with their extreme remarks towards hot porn videos in porn trex. Therefore, in conclusion nudity of these models is them exercising their rights to express themselves freely but is not deemed right by the Muslim brotherhood who are strongly against it.